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More than half of Austria's economic output comes from exports. Specifically in 2014, exports made up 127 billions Euros. which brought an increase of 0,9%  in exports compared to 2013.


The main trade partners were Germany with 29,7%, Italy 6,4%,6,1% with the United States, Switzerland with 5,2% and France with 4.9% to 4.1%. (Source: Statistik Austria)


Particularly interesting is the services sector (tourisme, engineering, construction): in 2014, exports made up 49,9 billions €, which means 29% of all exports.

Export Support

There are many funding agencies supporting the export activities of Austrian companies.  Such support may, for example, take the following form:


  • low-interest loans
  • assumption of liabilities
  • Export financing (for European & overseas markets)
  • Export checks
  • Development of international business plans
  • Cooperative exports
  • Training for foreign branches, foreign internships
  • Export/import counseling, export/import support and much more



In 2014, imports decreased by 0,9% and amounted to approximately 129,6 billion Euros. The greatest amount of imports came from Germany, 37,4%.


The main imports were machinery and transport equipment and manufactured goods  (Source Statistik Austria).

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