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As of 2011 the Austrian Patent Office has given patents to 3242 inventions.  These patents provide protection not only in Austria but are acknowledged by international markets. 


In the past 10 years, the number of patent applications from Austrian inventors has doubled the international rate.


Did you know that such important inventions including the gas mantle (Auer von Welsbach), the Kaplan turbine (Viktor Kaplan) or propeller (Josef Ressel) all came from Austria? 


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Technology cluster

In 1995 a network for businesses was set up in Austria. The cluster comprises 3,500 companies and research facilities with over 400,000 employees. Together accounting for about 80 billion euros annually.


The five largest clusters are

  1. Automotive cluster in Styria with 40,000 employees and about 10 billion euros,
  2. Automotive cluster of Upper Austria with approximately 85,000 employees and 23 billion Euros in sales
  3. The Plastics cluster of Upper Austria / Lower Austria has almost 60,000 employees and about 13 billion euros
  4. The Life Science cluster of Vienna maintains about 33,000 employees and about 6 billion Euros
  5. The Mechatronics cluster of Upper Austria / Lower Austria has approximately 50,000 employees and 10 billion euros in sales.

Research & Development

In 2012, spending on research and development (R & D) will reach 8.6 billion euros. This compared to other years represents an increase from 4.2% in 2011 and 2.8% of gross domestic product.  This research rate of 2.8% is above the EU average of 2%. 


The bulk of research spending in 2011 was driven by the economy, namely 3.84 billion euros, representing 45% of expenditure, 39% in the public sector, 16% is largely due to foreign companies that already have a branch in Austria and want to engage high level of research.

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