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University admission

Foreign students are held to the same conditions as those for Austrian students applying for university admission.


Specific information relating to study of individual departments, university standards, admissions decisions should be directed to the rector’s office of each individual university.  Students wanting to study in Austria should check ahead of time with their home countries about the possibilities of international studies.



  • The applicant can demonstrate a matriculation certificate, which is equivalent to the Austrian school leaving certificate (Abitur);
  • The applicant can demonstrate having completed a relevant technical degree from an accredited post-secondary educational institution;
  • The applicant must be authorized by their university entrance qualification in their home country for specified studies (all particular admissions tests are completed pior) - (this does not apply to students from EU and EEA countries);
  • The applicant must have sufficient knowledge of the German language;
  • Applicants aiming to complete a Masters in Austria or doctoral degree in Austria must prove successful completion at each secondary school stage (Bachelor, Master).

Recognition of diplomas and academic certificates

Austria  is in alliance with many other countries to officially recognize  foreign degrees   and   matriculation certificates .  Information  on international recognition of diplomas may be found at  NARIC and www.nostrifizierung.at.  


Here is the list of contacts to answer inquiries regarding   international   recognition   of qualifications .  Simply put,  there are three   types of recognition   of secondary school certifications : 

  • Nostrification documents 
  • Recognition granted  through   international agreement 
  • Recognition granted by an Austrian   university

Students from third countries

For foreign students who are not equal residents, nor come from the EEA, there are additional requirements.


The application for admission to a university must be received by the first of September for the winter semester and the first of February for the summer semester.  It is vital that the application be complete by this date and that there are no missing documents. The Rector's decision of admission is based on the availability of places at the beginning of the semester and qualifications of applicants.


For certain fields of study, such as artistic studies, assignment decisions of places for domestic students and foreign students are made as the results of entrance examinations.


The form of "Application for Admission / Application for Admission_" is necessary for the application. All original documents (or certified copy) must be enclosed with the application.  Documents must be certified by the issuing State and also from the Austrian representative in the country. Any documents written in a language other than German must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Limited Places

Particularly in the study of medicine and dentistry, because of the large number of applicants and only a small number of available student places, admissions are awarded to a select few foreign students.


Austrian students also face limited available places in the fields of study of their choice, equally as EEA citizens or legally equivalent foreign study.


To be sure of having the chance of enrollment, it is necessary that one contact the university of interest prior to study!


Austrian students who complete at least the first section of studies abroad will definitely be provided a place to study for at least two semesters in Austria.  They may extend their studies longer than two semesters in Austria, but to do so, they must apply for admissions to be considered like all others applicants.


Beginning with the winter semester 2010/2011 all courses that do not have acess available to testing have STEOP (induction and orientation phase). This means that students are enrolled as normal, but in the course of the first semester, one or more tests must be passed. Depending on the university an exam may be retaken 2 - 3 times. If these tests are not passed, then the student will be locked out of their field of study at the university.

 For medicine, veterinary medicine and art universities, the STEOP does not comply.  These fields of study require an entrance exam.

Effects of a failed STEOP may be: stop or repayment of grant

Under certain circumstances, the loss of family support (in consequence, the loss of health insurance which may be provided by the parents up to age 27)

International students


Effects of a failed STEOP for students from EEA countries and Switzerland:

the same policies as required as per Austrian students


Effects of a failed STEOP to international students from third countries:

After the proof of a place of study in the home country ("special university program") and the record of all required tests may be applied for a permanent student visa. This visa is tied to the field of study for which the student has enrolled.

In the event of a failed STEOP, there is mandatory de-registration followed by the revoke of the visa!

Information and

assistance is provides by the Austrian National Union of Students. A detailed brochure can be downloaded from the website of the OEH.

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