Childcare Allowance

Austrian citizens, citizens of EU / EEA countries, citizens of Switzerland, and furthermore, third country nationals who reside legally in Austria (with a residence permit) and also recognized refugees, under the Asylum Act who: have their center of life in Austria, live in the same household as their child, and that the child is under 18 years old, or that the child is 18 years old and is enrolled in an educational or training program (school, university etc.) are entitled to a childcare allowance. The childcare allowance may continue until the 24th Year of life and with exceptions up to the end of the 25th Year of life. 


Information is available:


Maternity and Parental Leave

At the end of maternity leave that begins when a parent first receives childcare allowance, there are several variations allowed periods for extended parental leave. The maximum amount of time allowed and the amount of monthly compensation is based on the support available from both parents. The maximum temporal variation 30 +6 means that one parent is responsible for the childcare for 30 months, the other parent for 6 months.


Here is a comparison of different variants, further information on the Labor Department website (new regulations for children born after the 1st of march, 2017).


More information on parental leave and maternity regulations are available at

Preschool and Kindergarten

The regulation of preschools by competency framework is the responsibility of each individual state. Beginning with the kindergarten year 2010/2011, half-day kindergarten attendance (16 hours per week) is available for children five years old by the 31th August. This year of kindergarten/preschool is free.


Registration for public kindergarten is made at the appropriate local authority or council.


English speaking preschools, nurseries, and kindergartens:


American Community Preschool, Email:

The Children's House International Montessori Kindergarten

Danube International School (DIS)

Internationaler Kindergarten der Wiener Kinderfreunde

Internationaler Privatkindergarten Arche Noah

United Children-Internationaler Kindergarten

Vienna English Preschool

Vienna International School (VIS)

Vienna Elementary School

Woodsview preschool Austria

International Christian School of Vienna



Compulsory education for all children begins in the September of their sixth year of age and lasts for nine consecutive years.

The first four school years are to be completed by attending a public or independent primary school.

The fifth to eighth school years may be completed either in a lower secondary school, a ‘Hauptschule’ or in a secondary academic school, ‘AHS’.


In the 9th School year, a child may attend a pre-vocational school, a middle or secondary school, or a vocational school.

Recently, there is a pilot scheme with the new middle schools to teach children between fifth and eighth school years all together.


Information on compulsory education is available here>>>


Information on the Austrian school system is available on the Vienna government website.



The academic secondary school and vocational schools are completed with a diploma ‘Matura’.

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