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Legal assistance for tenants with problems with the landlord grants the tenant association. (in German).

Explanation of the Rent Act with examples of renter and landlord issues may be found here >>> 

Persons looking to rent an apartment in Vienna may find helpful and necessary information at the official site of the city of Vienna (in English).


The largest landlord of Vienna’s apartment rental properties is the City of Vienna providing substantial public housing facilities.

Apartment listings are available online at, Craigslist, Sublets are listed at


You will find housing ads in the Austrian newspapers, such as Standard,,  Presse, Kurier


Housing prices

Appartment prices vary significantly depending on the state or city district.

A summary of average housing prices per square meter in Austria is available in German.

On average, apartments have 2-3 bedrooms. Many rentals are listed by real estate agents and adds may be viewed at the above listings as well as in the newspapers (in German) including Der Standard, Finden.atdie Presse , and Kurier.

Generally, rent is due to the landlord on the 1st of the month. It usually includes the operating expenses, special expenses (for example: lift operating costs), and sales tax, normally 10%.


  • In open-ended and more than three years fixed-term leases the broker may require a deposit equal to two months gross rent. 
  • For fixed-term contracts to less than two years, the commission shall not exceed the value of one month’s rent, in case of fixed-term contracts between two or three years, commission will be equal to more than one months gross rent (including operating costs and other costs).

Additional information on the rental market (Global property guide / Austria).



For persons looking to buy real estate in Austria, find listings with real estate magazines:


 Real estate agents:

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