Entry und residence (EEA - citizens)

EEA - citizens (citizens of the EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway) and Swiss nationals are not required to have a visa to enter Austria have the right of residence for up to 3 months.  EEA citizens are required to apply for a registration certificate.

Compulsory registration of a stay in Austria may be made at: MA 62 – Vienna Registration Service – “Zentrale Meldeauskunft” / 1070 Wien, Wimbergergasse 14-16 / Mon to Fri from 8:00. to 15:30 / Thursday from 8:00 to 17.30


For the stay with a registration certificate apply no later than 4 months before entry.  Or after 5 years of continuous residence, one may apply for a certificate of permanent residency. Relatives of persons with right of residence may obtain a residence permit after 5 years continuous residence with a permanent residence card.

A stay in Austria may last more than three months if one of the following conditions is met:

• there is a term of employment (employees, self-employment);

• there are sufficient resources available to ensure livelihood and comprehensive protection through health insurance as well as for those of relatives;

• training is completed and the livelihood is guaranteed;

• spouse, partner or relatives is in a direct line (child, grandchild, etc.);


Entry and stay of third country citizens


Third countries, all states except the states of the EEA (European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway). Switzerland is also a third country, but is excluded on the basis of bilateral arrangements.


Citizens of third countries who intend to stay longer than 6 months in Austria are required to obtain a residence permit.


The details for the stay of third country nationals may be found at https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/en

Normally, a stay is to be reported to the municipal magistrates in the district administration of each city. In Vienna, Municipal Department 35 is responsible.


A search engine of Municipal Offices and Magistrates may be found at https://www.help.gv.at/linkaufloesung/applikation-flow?leistung=LA-HP-RL-Meldezettel&flow=LO&quelle=HELP

Further information on compulsory registration may be found at



When there is a change in the residence, for instance moving addresses, then an official registration must be made within three days of moving into the new residence. Also, de-registrations must be made at least three days before moving out of the old residence. All residence registration activities require a passport, birth certificate, an in certain circumstances academic diplomas.


Travelling with animals


For the entry of dogs, cats and ferrets in the EEA area a pet passport, issued by a veterinarian is mandatory. Responsibility lies with the relevant local authority or the magistrate.


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