Driving a car


Driving licenses from the EEA area are recognized, a driver from other countries must carry an international driving license unless there is a special bilateral agreement.



Children under 14 years and under 150 cm tall must be seated in an appropriate child safety seat.


Winter tires regulations

Between 1 November to 15 April winter tires are mandatory for cars driving in Austria due to winter driving conditions (snow, ice, slush).  More information in German>>>


Speed limitsFor cars, the speed limits set on motorways is usually a maximum speed of 130 km / h.  On highways cars may drive up to 100 km / h but with some interchanges 50 km / h.  In cities, the speed limit  may be restricted to 30 km / h.


Seat belts are required for both front and rear seats.



The statutory maximum is less than 0.5 parts per thousand alcohol level in the blood.  Learning permit drivers, truck drivers and bus drivers may not have more than 0.1 parts per thousand. The

consequences of driving with a higher blood alcohol content can be drastic.


Emergency lane

Forming the emergency lane is mandatory. In case of congestion, all vehicles on lanes, which are classified in the left lane to the far left, all other vehicles (right and possibly the second right lane) lane to the far right (including hard shoulder), thereby forming an emergency lane for emergency vehicles and police.



Every vehicle must contain a reflective vest. This vest is to be worn for any event that involves getting out out of the car outside of built-up areas in the event of a breakdown. The police make checks for the presence of a reflective safety vest.



Most motorways and speedways there are toll sticker regulations. There are toll stickers lasting for 10 days, 2 months or up to 1 year. The toll stickers can be purchased car clubs AMTC and ARB, at most tobacco/newsagent shops as well as at many stations, especially near the bored zones.

Current tariffs and Distributors


Traffic signals

In addition to the normal traffic signals, "green", "yellow" and "red", there is the "flashing-green". "Flashing-green" indicates the imminent end of the green phase. It is still admissible to drive through an intersection during the flashing-green as long as the vehicle will fully cross the intersection before the light changes to red.

Driving traffic of Vienna >>>  (in German)



Only hands-free phoning is permuted while driving.  There are high penalties for driving and talking on a mobile.


Parking in Vienna

Most districts maintain short-term parking on streets and are marked by respective parking signs. Parking permits are available at tobacco shops, automated machines in the Vienna Metro, Railway stations, at gas stations and at automobile clubs and Arbö and Ömtc. Residents of districts in which a parking regulations are maintained by parking permit may apply in the municipal district office of their district for such a sticker.

All information about parking in Vienna >>> 


Car sharing in Vienna

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