Opera in Vienna

The Vienna State Opera House was opened in 1869 in the presence of Kaiser Franz Joseph and Kaiserin Elisabeth. The first opera performed was ‚Don Juan‘ by Mozart. In 1945 the opera house was destroyed by a bomb, but it was reopened in 1955 with a performance of Beethoven's ‚Fidelio‘. Today, the Vienna State Opera is one of the most important opera houses in the world. The Vienna State Opera House is home to the State Ballet, and it is televised yearly for the New Year's concert.

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Volksoper Vienna

The Volksoper presents operettas, operas, musicals and ballet performances throughout the year. The Volksoper is the only house in Vienna especially devoted to operetta, for example Tosca, The Magic Flute, and My Fair Lady. Franz von Suppe and Johann Strauss conceived of the Volksoper as a house for Viennese operetta.

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The Burgtheater is one of the largest theaters in Europe and it is the largest German-language theater.  After the Comédie Française, the Burgtheater is the second oldest theater in Europe.

The Burgtheater was opened in October 1888 across the street from City Hall. Gustav Klimt and a group of painters created the ceiling paintings in the stairwells. 

Supposedly only the "best and most correct" German is spoken at the Burgtheater.

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Musicals in Vienna

Since some years past, Vienna has established a very vibrant musical scene. The most famous musical theaters are the Ronacher and Raimund Theater. These theaters stage musicals such as the Dance of the Vampires and Elisabeth. Information on the musical theaters can be found here >>>>

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